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PDP CSP Encoder Linear-Scale Bar-code

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Awarded the excellence prize in the Parts Material Department The 4th Advancend DIsplay of the Year



Company Objective

Since The foundation of our company, with the belief in "No Miss is the Best",we have been providingflaw less

products introducing the most advanced techonology in both soft and hard ware in order to respond to our

custmer needs promptly

Business Activities

■  Mask and data production for fine patterned PDP,MCM,BGA etc...
■  S-Coating glass products.
■  Pattern designing,data & mask production for PWB.
■  Productions of Linear Scale and Rotary Encorder.
■  Data and mask productions for POS.
■  Data productions and outputs for maps and measurements.
■  Data productions and outputs for master plates.
■  Software production and sales.
■  Sales of Electronic Disinfection System.



Telephone number 03-3777-3421
Fax number 03-3777-3435
Addres 6-4-4 Minami-Magome Ota-ku Tokyo 143-0025
E-mail Info@shin-ei-sha,co,jp


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